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The corporate world is constantly head hunting for talented and efficient management personnel. Every business needs to be managed, which means more and management positions do exist and hence there are abundant job opportunities to be availed by a candidate pursuing post graduation in management. MBA students are offered the facility to specialise in various areas in the final year of their course.

The following are the areas of Specialization

  1. Finance – A student specializing in finance, learns to procure and manage one of the most important resources of business. Students specializing in finance can pursue careers in sectors like –
    • Banking
    • Capital Markets
    • Mutual Funds
    • Financial Planning
    • Financial BPOs
    • Insurance
    1. Accounts dept.-In all  Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations
  2.  Marketing – A student specializing in Marketing, learns the market language and techniques. Thereby, he/she gets the pre-requisites to be a part of marketing process. As all the firms, including the Non-Profit Organizations need marketing, there is much wider scope for job opportunities. Students specializing in marketing can pursue careers in various sectors like –
    • Banking
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Capital Markets
    • Mutual Funds
    • FMCG
    • WhiteGoods
    • Industries (0Business-to-Business)
    • IT
    • Telecommunications…..
    • Marketing Research

The list is inexhaustive……..

3. Human Resources Management – The most precious resource of any organization is its people. Students specializing in HR, can pursue careers in the following areas

    • Process of recruitment and selection,
    • Performance Appraisal,
    • Compensation Administration
    • Training Development